Hi, I'm Sarah

I bring over a decade of expertise as an instructional designer, dedicated to cultivating learning environments that foster growth and development. I create engaging and interactive courses, job aids, videos, and other materials using tools like Articulate 360, and Vyond.

Rooted in the life sciences and education, I diversified my skill set across various domains, including the veterinary industry, life sciences, and nutrition education.

I'm a champion of inclusive design principles, ensuring representation and accessibility for learners of all backgrounds and abilities.


I've worked with half a dozen contractors in the last year and of them all, Sarah stood out to me and my team as a communicative, personable, and reliable person to work with. She did video editing for us on a weekly basis over a period of 6 months and we were very pleased with her deliverables and her professionalism. It's refreshing to work with someone who knows the right questions to ask and adapts to changes with ease. Simply put, she made our lives easier!

Elizabeth Salisbury
Director of Communications,
Generation Schools Network

Sarah and I work together as Instructional Designers at Modern Animal. I have had the privilege to work on numerous P0 and P1 projects with her, from inception to deployment. She is extremely conscientious and thorough, with fresh ideas and a plan to back them up. Her experience with Vyond leads to professional level products that receive raving feedback from all. Sarah's creations are rooted in adult learning theories, and provide an engaging experience for the learner. She is a valued member of the team and an asset to any company!!!

Ashlyn Roberto
Instructional Designer

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